Properties of the apple you surely did not know

Properties of the apple you surely did not know
Considered the fruit par excellence and the most complete, the Apple Is a great ally to keep the body in optimal health. So many experts in medicine and nutrition have confirmed that eating an apple a day is one of the best habits we can adopt to have an iron health and a healthy heart. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber and different antioxidant compounds, so its benefits extend to many levels, and it is low in calories and purifying, which makes it ideal for healthy weight loss and eliminate toxins.
Discover more about this fruit in the following article in which we reveal some Properties of the apple that surely you did not know.

Improve your digestive health

The Apple Is one of the most beneficial fruits for the digestive system that you can consume daily. Its nutritional composition is excellent for Prevent intestinal problems and help relieve them more quickly.
To begin with, a medium apple contains approximately 4 grams of fiber, which represents an 17% of the recommended daily amount of this nutrient; and thanks to this high fiber content, it is an incredible food to regulate intestinal transit and help you deal with conditions such as constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowel.
Además, es un Great natural antacid Because it contains pectins. Eating an apple after lunch will help prevent stomach acidity and flatulence, two conditions that can easily ruin your day and cause you great discomfort.

Protects your heart

Studies have shown that Eat an apple a day Is a great remedy for Promote the functioning of the heart and avoid cardiovascular diseases.
The explanation of this property of the apple is, on the one hand in its content in methionine, phosphorus and soluble fiber, three essential substances to keep the cholesterol levels controlled, which greatly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and other serious diseases, Such as stroke and heart attack. In the following article we discover other foods to lower cholesterol that should be included in the diet.
On the other hand the amino acid histidine present in this fruit gives a hypotensive effect. Histidine has a vasodilatory value and is therefore a perfect ally for lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Among the fruits most recommended for diabetics, the Apple Is in a privileged position. Its high contribution of fiber added to some of the antioxidants it contains makes its consumption help Reduce blood sugar levels and protect us from diabetes.
Nutritional studies have been conducted with real people who showed that eating an apple a day or even more than one reduced to an 28% chance of suffering this disease, which subsequently requires a very healthy diet low in fat, sugars and sodium.

Prevents cancer

The Antioxidant richness Apple gives you a Anticancer value Very important and highlighted by medical specialists.
The protagonism of this benefit is the phytochemicals called catechins and quercetin, which protect the body from the action of free radicals, molecules that are responsible for the oxidation process of the cells and that favor the production of cancer cells.
The American Association for Cancer Research has supported this theory by recommending regular consumption of apples, as it was found that this fruit could reduce the risk of suffering different cancers by up to 23%.

Helps you get rid of extra pounds

If you are trying thin and you want to do it in a healthy way, you can Aliarte with the apple.
There are several properties that convert the apple is a perfect food to get rid of those extra kilos. The first is its action Detoxifying Helping to eliminate the accumulated fluids and toxins that favor the swelling of certain parts of the figure. The second is that it is rich in fiber and Thew in calories At the same time, an ideal combination to reduce the appetite and feel more satiated, which helps us avoid snacking between hours and consequently, weight gain. And lastly, you should know that its fructose content allows us to reduce the urge to eat sweets and foods that are very high in calories.

Cleaner and healthier dentition

Cleaner, healthier, stronger teeth Is what can also offer you eat apples daily. This fruit acts as an astringent by cleaning the teeth in depth and helping to reduce bacterial plaque that can damage them and cause cavities.
In addition, while you chew the apple, you contribute to the production of saliva, favoring the health of the teeth but also of the gums and fighting bad breath. As you can see, it’s all good for your teeth, but do not forget to brush them properly after every meal so that they look shiny and completely healthy.

Eat apple and your skin will thank you!

Not only can apple be used for medicinal purposes, it is also ideal for Improve the appearance of the skin, Especially to tone it, reaffirm it and bring it youth.
If you include it in your usual beauty treatments, you will be able to fight effectively against sagging, fight the excess fat on the skin and slow down the aging process. One of the home remedies that offers the best results is the following facial mask: Process in blender 1 apple, 1 egg yolk and 3 spoonfuls of almond oil, apply the mixture over clean face skin and leave to act for 30 minutes. Finally, remove with plenty of warm water and you will see how your skin looks much more beautiful and luminous.

This article is for information only, we have no power to prescribe medical treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.
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