Jio’s future plan | Free 4K TV | Jio Fiber

Jio’s future plan | Free 4K TV | Jio Fiber

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Hey Buddies, There is a piece of good news for you! Good news is coming from Reliance Jio. As we all know, whenever good news comes from Jio, it’s either free data or free calling. Again Jio comes with Jio Fiber Welcome Offer. Yup, you heard it right! Jio is on its way to launch its Jio Fiber with a free plan.

On Reliance AGM, Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio is coming with many more things that help the digital environment of India. Let’s have a look at Reliance AGM 2019 Key Announcements.

Jio’s Position in India

Mukesh Ambani said that Reliance Jio has around 340 million subscribers in India, which is a grand achievement for Jio. He also said that Jio surpasses other operators Vodafone, Idea, and Airtel. Jio is also expecting to increase its user database to 500million. He also added,
Reliance Jio becomes the world’s second-largest telecom operator.
No #1 telecom operator in India.

Jio Free 4K TV | Jio Fiber

Home Broadband services| Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber is going to change the livelihood of people who use the Internet in India. Some additional things that Jio planned for are IoT, Jio Set-top Box, Landline, First Day First Show, Free 4K TV, Gaming, VR and MR and many more!

Types of Jio Fiber Connection in Assam

Jio Set-up Box

A game-changer on its way. Jio Set-Up box is not just a set-up box to watch TV. It is capable of hosting video conferencing between any device having a Jio Connection. Apart from this, the Jio Set-up box will support online games. We saw a live demo on its launch event. It has an inbuilt graphics card.

Jio IoT

Let us look at what IoT is.
IoT stands for the internet of things. With the help of IoT, we can connect devices like TV, Fan, Light, etc. Jio used Nb-IoT technology. Using NB-IoT data from billions of smart devices whether residential, industrial or public can be collected from across India with the highest reliability and lowest cost.

Free 4K TV | Jio Fiber

Jio Gaming:

With the help of Jio Set-up box and Jio Fiber, Jio is planning to expand its services to gaming. According to sources Jio has already a partnership with few companies like Gameloft, Tencent, etc. We saw a live demo of playing FIFA on its launch event. The requirements needed for gaming will be fulfilled by Jio set-up box because it has an inbuilt graphics card.

Jio Free 4K TV | Jio Fiber | Jio Gaming

First Day First Show

As part of Jio Fiber’s premium plan – With the help of Jio’s First Day First Show customers with the premium plan would be able to watch movies in their living rooms on the release day itself. This service is expected to be launched in the mid-2020.

“…For the first time in India, we are introducing a disruptive concept for watching new movies. Premium Jio Fiber customers will be able to watch movies in their living rooms the same day these movies are released in theatres,” Ambani said.

Free Jio 4k TV

Mukesh Ambani said that JioFiber customers who opt for the Jio’s smart forever annual plans, which is known as Jio-Forever plans, will get an HD or a 4K LED television and a 4K set-top-box free.

Jio Free 4K TV | Jio Fiber | Jio Gaming

Jio VR and MR

Jio’s mixed reality services will enable its users to form a 3D hologram of any subject placed in front of the users’ eyes. This will give real-life experience in MR education, MR shopping, MR movie watching, and hands-free video calling. HoloBoard is made by a company called Tesseract which was procured by Reliance earlier. 

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Jio Free 4K TV | Jio Fiber | Jio VR MR

Final Words:

Once again Jio is coming with many new things which will surely improve the livelihood of Internet users all over India. With the help of the above-mentioned services, users will enjoy the true power of the internet.


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