10 cancer symptoms you should know

10 cancer symptoms you should know
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. While it is a disease whose research has meant improvements to its diagnosis and treatment, it remains very common. Although there are a number of factors that can facilitate the development of cancer, such as smoking, being overweight or excessive exposure to the sun, this disease can not be avoided today.
An early diagnosis greatly increases the chances that a person with cancer will be able to fight it out and be victorious. However, there are not always obvious signs that can indicate the presence of a tumor. In fact, there are cases in which the cancer is diagnosed in an advanced stage when the disease is very developed. Therefore, we shared the 10 cancer symptoms you should know Which, despite being common, could alert to the presence of the disease.

Coughing habitually

Cough is one of the most common symptoms that accompanies conditions such as colds or flu, linked to respiratory problems. However, it could be related to cancer in cases where it occurs in a chronic way without accompanying other symptoms typical of common respiratory diseases. Therefore, although the cough is more likely to be due to another minor problem, it is one of the symptoms that may appear next to lung cancer or larynx.

Unexplained weight loss

At first glance, weight loss is not a problem, especially if we have a few extra pounds. However, when you lose weight unjustifiably, that is, without exercising and a diet fit for purpose, the reason could be different. Thesing 4 pounds or more quickly without apparent cause could be one of the symptoms of cancer of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus or lung.
This could be explained by the Accumulation of free radicals in the body. In a moderate amount, these have positive effects so that different functions of the organism are executed correctly. However, when free radicals grow uncontrollably they can cause damage to the body resulting in different symptoms, including weight loss.

To suffer pain

Pain in a particular part of the body is also one of the cancer symptoms that you should know about. Again, we find a very common symptom that can appear and disappear quickly as a result of any blow or bad gesture. Nevertheless, Pain in the testicles Could be a symptom of testicular cancer; Joint pain Could be linked to bone cancer; and the Headaches or migraines May be related to a brain tumor.

Diarrhea and / or bleeding

Changes in intestinal transit and prolonged constipation are some of the symptoms of colon cancer. Presence of blood in the stool is also one of the symptoms of colon cancer. Also, intestinal pain and discomfort, loss of appetite and weight loss are some of the hallmarks of this cancer.
In people with a family history of colon cancer it is advisable to go to the specialist to perform a colonoscopy. This medical test allows you to examine the small intestine for any signs that may reveal the presence of a tumor. This is because the cancer can be hereditary.
On the other hand if women experience bleeding outside the menstrual period it could also be a symptom of cervical cancer. Other symptoms of this type of cancer are the presence of an abundant vaginal discharge, pelvic pain or pain during and after intercourse.

Feeling of permanent tiredness

There is no doubt that fatigue is the order of the day in our lives. The work and day-day obligations make our energy consumed quickly. Also, an inadequate diet, lack of exercise, smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol are also some of the causes why we may feel more fatigued.
When the cancer progresses, feeling tired may be one of the symptoms of the disease, although in some cases such as leukemia, Fatigue could be one of the main signs.

Shortness of breath, hoarseness, or difficulty swallowing

Inflammation of the oral cords is a common symptom in throat cancer. This type of cancer usually occurs more in men than in women, and there are several risk factors that increase the chances of suffering: being a smoker, consuming alcoholic beverages or have Fanconi anemia. Some of the symptoms of this cancer that you should know are:
  • Sore throat for no apparent reason.
  • Discomfort when swallowing.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Hoarseness. This symptom may be accompanied by changes in the voice.

Problems in the urine

Uses Changes in color Of urine or a smell different from usual are other of the most common symptoms of problems in the bladder. In most cases, these are usually the result of an infection that requires treatment. However, it is also a common symptom of bladder cancer, so the visit to the doctor as soon as we detect any of the signs is necessary. The color change in the urine is usually caused by the presence of blood in the urine, which is known as hematuria. Occasionally, the amount of blood next to the urine is very high, so it completely changes the normal color of the ejected fluid during urination.

Skin changes

Another of the cancer symptoms that you should know is related to the presence of alterations in the skin. In these cases, the signs that can be evidenced are usually linked to skin cancer through those known as melanomas. These are moles that change in size, shape and / or color by the proliferation of cancerous cells in the skin and can alert us to the presence of skin cancer. There are some people who are more likely to develop this type of cancer, especially those who are accustomed to sun exposure in the usual way without any protection or those who are very freckled.
These are some of the characteristics that may indicate the presence of a melanoma:
  • Polka dots with irregular edges and little defined.
  • Polka dots with an abnormal color: bluish, whitish or reddish.
  • Asymmetrical poles that have different shapes on each side.
  • Poles that increase in size or that measure more than 6 millimeters.
On the other hand certain types of cancers can be manifested by the presence of lumps that can be palpated through the skin, such as in breast and testes. In these cases, a hard mass usually forms and can be palpated by hand.


Jaundice is the yellowing of the mucous membranes of the eye and other parts of the body by an excess of bilirubin. It is a symptom that occurs as a consequence of Problems with the gallbladder, liver or pancreas. Some of the conditions that can cause this coloration are infections in the liver, the presence of gallstones, food disorders or the intake of excess medication. However, it is also possible that it is one of the cancer symptoms you should know, corresponding to the presence of a tumor in the pancreas.

Wounds that do not heal

Having skin wounds that do not heal or that take longer to heal is another symptom of cancer. Rashes, dry skin and itching may also occur. These symptoms are usually related to the skin cancer.
On the other hand detecting small White spots on the tongue Could be a sign of precancerous lesions. Frequent in pipe smokers, these signs could end up causing tongue cancer if left untreated.

This article is for information only, we have no power to prescribe medical treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.
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